Employers love when you have social skills, so you gotta’ show ’em you have them on your resume. One of the top ten desired skills by employers are social skills, (read about the other ones here. )

Social skills are different than teamwork. It is how you interact with and treat people. Positive social skills include:

  • persuasion
  • listening
  • delegation
  • taking care of others

It is not about being extroverted.

Soft skills are easy to show on a resume when you provide detailed examples of using them. You don’t need to load your resume with them, one or two examples will do.

Here are resume prompts to get you thinking about your social skills. Choose a prompt that inspires you to remember a social skills story. Write the story down. You’ll want to change it into an accomplishment bullet later.

The Prompts:

  • Tell me about a time you made a client feel welcome. What did you do?
  • Tell me about a time you listened to a person’s concern before giving advice.
  • When have you explained a process to someone? How did you make sure to explain it so they understood? 
  • Have you ever stayed late to help a co-worker with a project?
  • Tell me how contributed to the morale of the team around you.
  • What did you do that made it easy for people to feel comfortable asking you questions?
  • How do you make people feel welcome?


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