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So, you’re feeling like you need some help landing a new job or managing/growing your career?

And even though you have read all the free articles & career advice, you still feel like you don’t know what to do.

That’s what I help with.

Book a call now to get immediate guidance and ideas for your next career move. You’ll get specific next steps to land your dream job. My brain on your career. It’ll be good.

I offer individual coaching, group coaching, and workshops.  

I have helped people find, tailor, and share their stories in a confident way for 20 years. I can help you to clarify what you need in your next role and give you the tools and steps to land your ideal job.

Strategic Work Sessions

This is ideal if any of these apply:

  • You aren’t looking for someone to rewrite your resume, but you want personalized feedback on your search to date and to talk out a strategy
  • You are trying to figure out your next career move and want to talk it out with someone
  • You have an interview coming up soon and want to practice some questions and make sure you make a great first impression
  • Something is not going right in your search and you can’t figure out why
  • You are actively looking for work, but don’t want a structured program, you appreciate the flexibility to discuss things as they come up for you
  • You have a meeting coming up with your manager and you want to negotiate a raise and/or promotion and need a strategy and scripts
  • You’ve already done self-reflection but you need help figuring out a strategy
  • You built a LinkedIn profile, but want some direction on how to use it to your advantage
  • You need help clarifying your career brand and want some quick feedback and direction on next steps

Whatever career/job search issue you are having, we get on the phone, talk about what is happening and figure out your next steps. These calls are booked by the hour. The call is recorded so you can go back to it later.

Book an hour or a couple of hours. These calls work best when you bring a topic/issue to the call and we work through it to leave you feeling supported and clear about your next steps.

Cost: $350 USD

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One-to-One Coaching Package

My specialty is helping people know and understand their career story to land a new job. And if, they don’t know what kind of job I help with that too.

And once you know your story, I help you to strategize what you can do with it to land ideal work. Stories + Strategy

The best service I offer is individual coaching.

Career Coaching focuses on exploring your ideal career, equipping you with the tools to make the shift and having a plan to make it happen. This is ideal if your current work doesn’t feel right or align with your values. Sometimes people describe it as, “I woke up and realized I built a life I hate.”


Job Search Strategy Coaching is for people who are clear about their ideal job but can’t land it using traditional search methods. Often clients come to me when their resume isn’t getting the interviews, or they want to better define and communicate their career brand to be seen as the top candidate in their industry.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching involves looking at your life and figuring out what career would work for you.  I don’t offer high-tech tests or quizzes, because I trust that you know yourself, but could benefit from a supportive process that helps you to see your career possibilities. The career you build is larger than a job because how you use your energy and skills affects your whole life.  Through a series of conversations, readings, and reflections, we’ll find the career that allows you to do your ideal work, use your favorite skills, make the right amount of money and supports your life.  This is exciting work.

What others have said about the program:

“I had many jobs that related to what I wanted to do but this helped me focus on finding out what it is that I actually want to do.”

“When I drew/charted my career map I saw it multidimensionally for the first time ever. Until then I’d always seen one clear straight line from start to finish. I had one pursuit and career. But in that exercise, by focusing on my values and skills, I saw a world of possibilities open up outside of my current field.”

Investment: Career Coaching starts at $1,000 USD

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Job Search Strategy Packages

If you are preparing to look for a new role, I offer packages that include:

  • Personal Branding. By sharing stories, we’ll get clear on your employment brand and use that to help you figure out your strategic advantage
  • Resume Development. We create a database resume, targeted resume plus you learn how to target it in the future
  • Interview Preparation. We receive training on first impressions, how to answer “Tell me about yourself”, answering BDI questions and common interview mistakes that can cost you the job.
  • LinkedIn profile development and training. We’ll craft your LinkedIn profile and create a strategy for getting the attention of decision-makers in your target market
  • Networking Strategy. Are you confident you are making the right impression on your network? Is your message consistent and sticky? We all know that networking is the best way to land a job, are you sharing the right message and connecting for maximum impact? We’ll design a strategy and scripts to support it

Cost: Job Search Packages start at $1,500 USD

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