I launched Resume in a Weekend — a self-guided course to write your own resume using the Career Stories method. I asked the people in it how it was going after the first weekend.

Some said they had “aha” moments, and “they wished they could go back in time to use this method for jobs they already applied for”.

But others hadn’t begun. And when I spoke with them, they shared that needed more support, they had questions during the process and wanted access to me for the process. But they still didn’t need me to write it for them. They wanted more guidance.

So I created The Resume Bootcamp

The Resume Bootcamp is $400 and includes:

  • Resume in a Weekend ($197)
  • an online community to ask questions while developing the resume ($200/year)
  • a private resume review by me ($175)
  • new content as issues and questions to come
  • The Writing Authentic Cover Letters course ($97)
  • select intensive weekends where I will help you write your resume live

If you just want an easy-to-follow process, get in the Resume in a Weekend Course. ($197)

If you want the extra support for just $200 more, get in the Resume Bootcamp

One isn’t better than the other. It is about being honest about what you need and what sets you up to write the best resume ever.