Probably like you, every week I receive LinkedIn requests from people I don’t know without a customized note. I assume that the people who do this haven’t read the toughest rule in the LinkedIn User Agreement.  The one that says you won’t “invite people you do not know to join your network.”

Since people use LinkedIn to expand their network with people they don’t know, that is tough to follow.

I accept most connection requests and then send out this message:

Hi. Thanks for connecting. I see we both know X, how did you two meet?

Did you connect with me because you are growing your network, or were you looking to get some career coaching?

Then I wait a few days. If I don’t hear back from them I remove them from my network.

When you request a connection on LinkedIn without personalizing the message you lose out on the chance to make a good first impression, or even get accepted.

But what do I say to someone on LinkedIn, when I don’t know them?

Before I ask to connect with someone, I follow them for a few weeks. That way I get a chance to know them and have something personal to say to them. Then I customize my connection request.

There are plenty of scripts you can use (google it), but rather than use a script, identify these things:

  1. How you know them (did they take a class with you, co-worker, in the same group, referred to you, someone you admire)
  2. Why you want to connect (building your network, following for inspiration, link to someone else)
  3. Call to action. (do you just want to connect, do you want to meet them, do you want them to share advice with you)

LinkedIn Connection Request Script Samples

Here are some sample scripts you can use (and adapt) for your networking needs.

LINKEDIN NETWORKING SAMPLE ONE: Use when you met the person briefly and you want to know more about them.


linkedin connecton scripts

LINKEDIN NETWORKING SAMPLE TWO: Use when you notice the person is writing about topics and sectors you are interested in.

If you see someone writing articles or posts that relate to your sector or career goals, you can reach out to them and make a personal connection. It’s usually better to ask them for guidance on a book to read instead of asking for a meeting. Take their suggestion, follow through on their recommendation and then follow up with them after.



linkedin connecton scripts

LINKEDIN NETWORKING SAMPLE THREE: Use when you heard the person is hiring for a role you want

The best way to land a job is by networking. Usually, it is through talking to people you know that you hear about job opportunities. If you hear about an opportunity and want to talk to the person before applying (I strongly encourage this), write them a short note requesting it.  Like this:


linkedin connecton scripts



Change the language depending on what is right for your brand and the person you are interacting with. A handful of sentences can help support a strong beginning to your LinkedIn network.

Want to be more Intentional on LinkedIn?

Connecting with people is just one part of LinkedIn. If you really want to make the most of your time and energy on LinkedIn, get into my Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence course. It walks you through:

  • how to figure out what what you want by using LinkedIn
  • how to craft a headline and profile that catches the attention of recruiters and clients
  • building a content strategy that secures your place in your target industry

I know how to do this, not only because I was named a LinkedIn Top Voice, but from leading hundreds of people to own their awesome on LinkedIn.

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