Last week, I spoke at the DYPB Conference and bragged to the audience that I could write a book on 50 ways to use index cards to grow your career. And someone said “do it.” Which felt like a fun challenge. I came home and quickly wrote out 33 ways we could use index cards. It didn’t feel fair to launch a series on what I thought people needed to know, so I am leaving 33 spots open to answer your job search and career questions. This means I’ll share 66 different ways you can use index cards to develop your career.

#1 of #66careercards – How to identify what work makes you happy.

One of the first steps in looking for a new job is to know what you are good at. This will be the foundation for your job search. This can also feel like a hard thing to do.

My favorite way of helping people to do this is the career stories method.


Is there something happening in your career or job search you need help with? Ask below or send me a message, and I’ll think of a way to help you using index cards. It’s my party trick!

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#2 How do I know what questions they’ll ask at the job interview?

How do I know what the interviewer will ask me at a job interview?

#3 How to get people to help you in your job search

How to get people to help you in your job search