The Career Stories Method

11 Steps to Find Your Ideal Career - And Discover Your Awesome Self in the Process


#1 Bestselling Book (Resumes) - Amazon Canada, January 2021
#1 Bestselling Job Hunting Book - (Amazon Canada, January 2021)

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Find or create your dream job by starting with the stories you tell about yourself

These days, growing your career requires a brand. People who can share their strengths through compelling stories—in interviews, resumes, and pitches—land the work. But how can you find, optimize, and communicate those stories?

Career Stories founder Kerri Twigg combines her theater background with her training in HR, coaching, and meditation to bring you a job search guide unlike any other. Like Julia Cameron did with The Artist’s Way, Kerri offers a program to find out which job is perfect for you, by examining your stories. Kerri also provides practical tools for networking, writing resumes that impress, building your LinkedIn profile, and more. And we’re not just talking about traditional employment—about half of Kerri’s clients realize that they’re actually entrepreneurs, and The Career Stories Method offers strategies for them too.

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