Kerri Twigg

Career Stories Coach | Mindfulness Coach | Meditation Coach


I’m an international career coach who uses storytelling, mindfulness, and meditation to help people achieve happiness and fulfillment in their job.

Stories + Mindfulness for Career Contentment

Stories & Mindfulness to Nurture Career Contentment

I train people how to use stories and mindfulness to love their work more.

I worked as a Career Transition Consultant for years and became known for helping people land dream jobs using stories. I even wrote a book about it. But, I started to see a pattern in my clients and elsewhere. People were in their dream jobs, but they still didn’t feel good. So, if the external circumstances didn’t help, maybe career contentment is actually an inside job.

I’ve spent the last three years fusing science-informed mindfulness training with career coaching.

The results have been incredible (I share those in my blog).

If you’re looking for support to love the work you have, and express yourself clearer in it, I’d love to help.

What I Do

I help people to use stories and mindfulness to achieve happiness and fulfillment in their work through 1:1 coaching, classes, and workshops

The process usually looks like this:

  1. I help people to see what makes them awesome by exploring their stories. They get a story analysis to know what their super skills are and their ideal work environment
  2. We get clear on what their career goals are
  3. I provide customized story and meditation exercises to provide relief, build fulfillment, help them know and express themselves masterfully and know the difference they make in the world
  4. They implement the plan and exercises with reduced suffering and increased clarity

My influences include:

  • theatre
  • community development
  • humane education
  • social practice artists
  • playwriting

All of that might sound soft and romantic, I am wired for action. I am wired to help you to see which parts of your story matter, how they inform the kind of work you were meant for, and then, even more importantly, how to build a plan to successfully navigate a career transition.

You have a big dream about the work you want to be doing. And, it is time to start.

You have a big dream about the work you want to be doing. It is time to start doing it. 

Work Experience

A few highlights as Founder of Career Stories Consulting

Before I worked for myself I was a drama educator and playwright. More than any of the jobs listed below, this was my most important work.

I spent years teaching people how to feel comfortable being and expressing themselves and writing plays. So much of my coaching work comes from theatre and plays. This work didn’t always pay all my bills so I had these day jobs too:

  • the Career Development Project Manager for New Professionals Network with the Government of Manitoba (Gov’t Manitoba 2016 – 2018)
  • a Career Transition Consultant at an HR firm (specialist in resumes!) (People First, 2013 – 2016)
  • expanding a community arts program & expanding programs (Art City, 2011 – 2013)
  • helping to reduce GHG emissions and bring the community together (Sustainable South Osborne, 2010 – 2011)
  • doubling the revenue of art appreciation tours and classes (Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2008 – 2009)


Education Credentials

I am an L2 Unified Mindfulness Coach.

I have an HR certificate (that I never use)

I have a Masters in Education

I have a B.A in Theatre and Film.