Kerri Twigg

Career Coach | Job Search Strategist

I’m Kerri Twigg. I help people to use their stories to find ideal work.

And if they don’t know what kind of work, I help with that too.

Stories + Job Search Strategy.

So You Wanna Know About Me?

I help people use their stories to grow their careers, whether they aim for a “job-job” or running their own business.  And, if you’re not sure what kind of work, I help with that too. Stories + Strategy.

These days, growing your career requires a career brand. People who can share their strengths through compelling stories, on paper, online and in-person land the work.

That’s what I’m here to help you with.  I help you figure out your current career brand (through deep listening),  your ideal role (or client) and what career stories to tell to land the work.  And we do this with individual attention on you, your values and experiences.

I don’t tell everyone this, but I am allergic to formulas that make you look like everyone else. You’re more interesting than that.

I have been helping people find and share their stories with confidence for nearly 20 years, 7 in the career management sector. I love this work.

What I Do

I come to coaching with the view that you already know yourself and your strengths better than I can ever know. But, my process and ability to see the awesomeness in you, help you to see it too.

My influences include:

  • theatre
  • community development
  • humane education
  • social practice artists
  • playwriting
  • the moon

And this might sound soft and romantic, I am wired for action. I am wired to help you to see which parts of your story matter, how they inform the kind of work you were meant for, and then, even more importantly, how to build a plan to make it happen.

You have a big dream about the work you want to be doing. And, it is time to start.

Let’s get clear on your career story, set your target build-up your marketing, update your mindset, build an actionable plan and you’ll be doing your ideal work before you know it.

You have a big dream about the work you want to be doing. It is time to start doing it. 

Why Job Search Strategy?

I value the part of my work where I get to help people figure out what work they were meant to do. And I know that is life-changing. Some people come to me just for that clarity.

But, the truth is, I love the strategy piece too.

The strategy is where we get to take your big career dream and make it happen.  We do the resume. We make you look awesome on LinkedIn. You know what you’ll say in an interview. And you know exactly what to say when you’re out networking. This is the action part.

Here’s why: knowing your big dream and landing your big dream are two different things. I want you to have both.

Work Experience

Late 90’s – 2000’s 

I worked at a professional theatre signing people up for acting classes and teaching acting classes.

INCITING CAREER MOMENT: Adults would call and say things like, “I acted in high school and loved it. I have wanted to get back into again, and now that I’m (enter age between 36 to 45) I’m finally going to take a class”.

I would be in disbelief. At 18,  I couldn’t imagine waiting for 10-20 years to do something I loved. I vowed that I would pay attention to the work that I loved and find a way to do that work more often.

2000’s – 2007

I spent these years writing plays, raising my daughter, writing poetry, making videos and working a few jobs. I juggled going to University with being a radio station receptionist and volunteering at the Children’s Hospital. (once a week, I co-hosted an inner-hospital television for sick kids.). I taught drama on Saturday mornings and sold vintage clothing on eBay.

INCITING CAREER INCIDENT: The Manager of the theatre was asked to speak at the Legislative Building for “International Women’s Day”. She didn’t like public speaking, so she asked if I would share my story instead. I delivered a keynote on the subject of “working women” and saw that my work ethic was an oddity.

Around the same time, I taught a drama class and felt it lacked meaning. I pursued a Master’s In Education in Humane Education, to learn how to teach people to be solutionaries.

2007 – 2011

I landed a job at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, to help revamp their gallery programs. Within a year, I proposed ideas and programs that doubled our department’s revenue. It was in this role I learned I could teach adults as well as children.

INCITING INCIDENT: I left the gallery on maternity leave and didn’t return. I took a community job as a Climate Change Champion. This is where I started to notice that the things I was good at (creating programs, helping people and solving problems) weren’t paying well. I started to look for new places to use these skills.


2011 – 2013

I got a new job where I established art centres in neighborhoods. I designed educational program offerings that reached the annual revenue targets within 4 months. I expanded the program from a part-time side project to a full-time program with 7 communities.

INCITING INCIDENT: Even though I exceeded all the board expectations they weren’t comfortable promoting me to a director. I designed a method of assessing my skills and strengths and determined I could transition to human resources based on my training work.


2013 – 2016

I took HR courses in the evening and read every resume book I could get my hands-on. I created a resume that sold me as a HR person and landed a job as a Career Transition Coordinator and Consultant at one of the largest HR firms in Winnipeg. I continued to study and got my HR Certificate (honors!). At the same time, I was being trained by the best executive coaches in our city. I sat with executive coaches as they met with clients. I developed my coaching skills under their supervision and took on new clients.

I took the lead on all the resume and networking classes, and also developed their self-employment program.

INCITING INCIDENT: While I loved coaching clients in career transitions the office was too corporate for me. I also found myself bringing in ideas from theatre, meditation and exercise theory, that did not fit their coaching model. I left for a government job.


2016 – 2018

Within two days of working with the government, I received a request on LinkedIn to do private career coaching. A few days later, another request came in. At the same time, the government program I was hired to work in had their program paused. I had a steady job, but little work to do.  I started dreaming up what a coaching business might look like. I thought about my strengths, the kinds of people I wanted to work with, and what I might charge. I shared ideas and resources on LinkedIn and my unique spin on career coaching got noticed,

INCITING INCIDENT: I found myself loving my coaching work more than my day job. And that didn’t sit well with me. I spent 18 months doing both until I had enough money saved up to quit my job. I quit on February 2, 2018.





This year I will continue to teach and coach individual clients. I am developing a program to help teach other career coaches how to build coaching programs based on their stories and strengths. I am also piloting a new way to teach resume writing in universities and not-for-profits.

I love my work.

Education Credentials

I have a B.A in Drama and Psychology, a Masters in Education and an HR Certificate. I am a Certified Resume Strategist.

I invest in my practice by taking new courses every year and networking with professionals. I am committed to knowing the latest trends, strategies and can advise on where to best use them.

I am a member of the Career Professionals of Canada and Manitoba Association for Career Development.