Kerri Twigg

Career Stories Coach | Mindfulness Coach | Meditation Coach


I’m an international career coach who uses storytelling, mindfulness, and meditation to help people achieve happiness and fulfillment in their job.

Stories + Mindfulness for Career Contentment

Stories & Mindfulness to Nurture Career Contentment

I’m Kerri Twigg.

I’m a coach and best-selling author, and I’ve spent the last 25 years coaching people on how to find their awesome and use it to develop spectacular careers.

I started as a drama instructor and then moved into career coaching. I’ve helped people figure out their career story and land their dream jobs at big tech companies, incredible not-for-profits, and all kinds of businesses in-between. 

I coached people to build successful coaching businesses of their own and feel great as they launched them.

I built my $150k+ business and got to spend my days doing my favourite work with remarkable people.  I’ve spoken at conferences all over the world, and my book, The Career Stories Method, is a regular #1 best-seller on Amazon (in the resume section, so not that wow, but a little wow). My book is used in Universities globally to help professionals discover their awesome selves and land ideal work. 

And you know what? Something still wasn’t right. 

When I checked in with clients in their supposed “dream jobs” a few weeks or months after they landed, they weren’t happy. They wanted more. They thought it would feel different. 

I knew how they felt. I also had built a dream business that I didn’t feel great in. Even though I was regularly named a top career coach to follow. My posts went viral (10.1 million views!), and I was never worried about having clients (I usually had a waiting list). The accolades didn’t help actually — I was hitting all my professional goals, how come it didn’t feel good?

That changed when I decided that was enough of that. 

It was time to stop believing the hype that a dream job was a happiness maker, and to start intentionally nurturing the relationship I had with my work — from the foundation of my being and up. I needed to figure out what is the foundation of career contentment. 

Dream jobs are cool, knowing how to flourish in them is even better.

What I Do

Once I dug deep into what happiness actually is, and how to train for it, everything started to shift. I was energized by the work I did, I could appreciate the wins better, my sleep improved, I was nicer at home, the depth of my work enhanced, and I felt better connected to my clients. Finally, I got to experience the combination of ideal work and complete career contentment. 

The voyage took me years of mindfulness training, meditation retreats, specialized teachers and a lot of financial investment. I got master-level training in one of the most comprehensive mindfulness training programs in the world — the same system that is used at Harvard and Carnegie-Mellon to study mindfulness and is used to train athletes at Adidas. Not only did I learn all the techniques and use them for myself and my career, I got trained how to coach other people to use these same techniques to help them in their careers.  I’ve been specializing in career contentment coaching since 2021. 

Dream jobs are cool, knowing how to flourish in them is even better. 

And now, I’m here to help you get results quicker than I did — and give you the step-by-step guidance and support you need as you step out of wishing work felt better to express your most brilliant self inside and outside of work. I’d love to help you experience the highest level of career contentment. 

You have a big dream about the work you want to be doing. It is time to start doing it.