Many people think the secret to landing a job is groveling and being perfect. They don’t like the advice of “just be you.”

If you really just want to land a job quickly, and you don’t care if it is a fit, do these four fun things.
1.Give the person hiring you all the power.
2.When they ask you about your experience with a task that you dislike, smile and tell them in great detail how much success you have had with that task, and how much you like it.
3.Do not provide a salary number, but if pushed, give them something low so you don’t scare them off.
4.Hide your personality.

Alternatively, if you are even slightly interested in building a fantastic network and investing in your career, you can try this:
1.Take the time to identify the kind of work you are good at. Craft and rehearse stories that illustrate your accomplishments. Reflect on where you like to work, and with what kind of people. If someone knows of an open position that isn’t a great fit for you, that is okay. Recommend someone who is.
2.Carry yourself with confidence, no matter the position or salary level. It is your career, and you have say and power in it. Don’t be a jerk, or pretend to be the best candidate ever, but show up ready to discuss all the great things you have done, why you do the work you do, and who you can help.
3.Know your earning expectations. Get clear on them and know your range. Research salaries in your sector to ensure a match. If you’re asking to be paid on the high end, know why you are worth it. Know that while some companies aim to hire people as low as possible, other companies pride themselves in being competitive. Ask for what you are worth.
4.Show your personality. This isn’t the time to tell your favorite jokes,(or maybe it is) but show them who you are. It will be you showing up to work everyday.

I am writing with the assumption that you have time on your side. Take the time to prepare for conversations that artfully share who you are and what you offer the world. You don’t need to suck-up, pretend to be good at things you don’t like to do or take a lower salary.

People who are confident, authentically generous, and move from a place of “this is what I’m really good at and this is what I can help you with” are happier in the work they are doing.

You don’t ever need to be less than to land a job. Be the best professional version of yourself, that’s who you’re going to have to work as.

If you need some help figuring out how to share your stories and who to tell them to, I can help. I help people build up their networking skills, select their best stories and set themselves up to land their ideal job. Send me a note at

About Kerri Twigg

Kerri Twigg has helped people gain confidence in themselves through their stories for over 15 years. She helps people to land ideal jobs through their stories, and if they don’t know what kind of job, she helps with that too. She knows that you want something more from you career, she’d like to help you get it. She has a BA in Theatre and Psychology, M.Ed in Humane Education and an HR Certificate. She is a CPHR Candidate.