So, what’s an alternative way to develop your resume so you feel proud of it, and it is a joy to write?

Switch up the way you work on your resume and create a system that you can use for your entire career.

Creating a customized resume from scratch every single time you apply for a position can take hours. It is energy draining, stressful and often people start the process so late in the game they send a sub-par resume and don’t get the interview call.

You want to move from creating a targeted resume from scratch to fine-tuning work you have already done for maximum appeal. Resume creation should be less time writing and brainstorming and more time strategizing.

If you do the work in the front-end, you leave room for the beautiful details when you need them.

The Process

Instead of starting from scratch every time, identify your key accomplishment stories and systematize them.

  • Write out your accomplishment stories. Load them with details.
  • Edit them into neat little accomplishment bullets that tell a story, explain your action and the result you got.
  • Save them all in one document.
  • Sort and label for easy access
  • Add in all your education(yes, online courses count too!)
  • Add in volunteer and paid roles with titles and dates

This takes all your work experience and gives you an awesome starting place.

While you are at it, start designing what your targeted resume may look like. Save that template.

The Fun Part

The fun part comes when a new job comes up. Here is what you do every time.

  • When a position comes up, look at what the company is looking for. Go line by line through their job ad.
  • Identify what skills and experience they want to see.
  • Review your database resume and choose the most appropriate bullet points that match their ad. Copy and paste those over into your resume template.
  • Go back to the job ad and look for keywords – words they use more than three times.
  • Look at the subtleness of their language – do they call their customers “customers”? Or do they call them clients? Does it match your language? Tweak the language so they get a sense you already fit and understand their culture.

This takes the stress out of resume creation and saves you time.

Instead, your new system allows you a simple way to demonstrate your value, get ultra-specific, and share all your accomplishments. You can focus on strategy and finesse instead — the little stuff that usually gets you the interview.

Kerri Twigg

M.Ed | Career Coach | Resume Writer

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