Almost every job advertisement requests that applicants have organization skills, but how do you show this on your resume?

Organizational skills are one of the top 10 soft skills that employers desire when hiring an employee. Read more about the desired soft skills: 

If you missed it, I covered communication skills here.

Over a series of ten posts, I’m providing writing prompts to get you started on adding soft skills, like organization skills, to your resume. 


Choose one of the prompts below and write a specific story about it. Choose the one that reminds you of a specific example. Write out a story that is full of as much detail as you can put down. Don’t worry about length right now, we are concerned with getting your career stories onto paper. At the end of the series, I will teach you how to turn your stories into resume accomplishment bullets.


We are using these prompts to develop your database resume. 


Does it bother you that the records in the blog photo I posted are not in alphabetical order(it bugs my husband too!) 

Maybe you like systems and help to create them in the workplace. 

Organization skills are valued because it helps the employer feel like they can trust you and you can manage your workload. If you let things drop, or lose important documents, it affects their business.  Instead of writing, “highly organized” tell them a story that proves it. Use these prompts to jog your memory.


Tell me about a time you had to stay on top of several projects. How did you make sure nothing fell through the cracks? 

Tell me about a time you scheduled your time well to get everything complete. 

Tell me about a time you ensured everything was set up for an event/project/presentation well in advance. 

Tell me about a time you had to create an estimated timeline for a project and ensured milestones were met. How do you prioritize tasks? 

What is a process that works for you? 

Tell me about a time you ensured simple tasks were done every month? What system did you follow? 




Once you have stories, you turn them into accomplishment bullets. The resuMAY Workshop: Writing Accomplishment Statements shows you how for just $19.

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