I got a new jacket from Tony Chestnut (a local designer) on the opening day of her new shop. During my short time there, 7 customers came in.

Three of the customers recognized me from social media as “the person who does careers”. It was cool because I didn’t know them but they understood my work.

One woman who is a therapist said, “I don’t usually like career counselors but I like the way you talk about this stuff. You seem to have a great method.”

I blush wildly. 

I buy the jacket and walk home.  I think about how cool it is that they know what makes me different from other career coaches. And how they know I am different because I show up and share resources, stories, and ideas. The things that I share are not new to me. I knew them three years ago. But three years ago I was keeping them inside. I wasn’t sharing because I thought it had all been said before.

But not in the way I share things.

If you are wanting to make a career move, you have to start talking about it. Not as an expert. Not as the best ever. But as a person who cares about a certain topic and has views on it.

If you don’t share this with others, they don’t know. They can’t tap your shoulder and offer a dream opportunity to you if they don’t even know you studying it. When I started sharing ideas about careers I had a government job. If I had let the position I was in stop me from sharing ideas, this blog wouldn’t exist.

My business would not exist.

Ideas and courses I created would not exist.

Happy clients who are confident in their stories would not exist.

All I did was show up and share. I’d love to see you do that too.