I used to think I wasn’t meant to work.

I would land a job, and within a few weeks of starting, I would be scrolling for new jobs on Indeed.ca.  My family would ask “where are you working now?” instead of “how is work?”

It would take me 1.5 -2 years to actually leave the jobs I landed, but I always looking for something else.

I thought I would be a job hopper forever and I wasn’t sure why I was doing it.

Then one day I saw a graphic facilitator facilitate a meeting, and I was like…”I could do that with careers.”

I drew out all the places I had worked and I asked myself a series of questions about the places I worked, and why I left, and amazingly I started to see patterns I hadn’t noticed before.

  • Like how I would leave jobs after a person in authority did something that challenged my values
  • How I go from one extreme (arts) to another (corporate HR) almost predictably
  • How I would take on new projects, exceed expectations and then want to leave

These were all patterns that stopped me from moving forward in my career.

It could be the same for you.

I’m not surprised that the act of drawing helped me to see this. I used to run drawing workshops. I remember adults and children sitting quietly as they drew, only to make a sudden announcement that they had figured something out in another area of their life. Drawing helps you to concentrate, build new connections and see things in a new way.

Draw your own career map

  1. Grab a piece of paper, some pencils (markers and/or paint is fun too!) and draw a map of your career so far. It can take any form, it could be a circle, a long line, random lines, a maze…it doesn’t matter.
  2. Indicate what jobs you have had, when you have had them.
  3. Ask yourself questions about each job to reveal patterns.

I developed a list of questions that have helped people do this activity. You can access the questions and a recording of the process here: Career Mapping Master Class.


Career Mapping Master Class

I led a Career Mapping Master Class to over 100 people earlier this month. I got great feedback:


 WOW! I adore you Kerri. Your career mapping exercise has given me a significant insight into my career and my next move. It has revealed patterns to me that now seem so obvious yet were elusive to me for decades. Thank you! – Rosemary

Thank you, Kerri. That webinar was a game-changer. Gabriel Grove

Thanks Kerri. The video was exactly what I needed as I take my first steps into working for myself. – Eden O’Brien

I loved when you said that we focus too much on the next step in our career.. & don’t take the time to reflect on our past.  I need to spend many more hours on my career map to really dig into those questions and help elevate my story – but I’m excited to do it! You’re doing amazing things Kerri Twigg! Thanks so much for today!” Nikki Vierira

It was an amazing webinar!  I went in feeling somewhat directionless, knowing that I wanted change, and your career map and thoughtful questions really gave me some food for thought!  Your passion definitely shows!  I cannot wait to take part in more of your webinars! – McKenna

If you are feeling stuck, this exercise could be the one that helps you see what you’ve been missing. Access the recording here:

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