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Every morning and night spend five minutes meditating. An easy meditation to do is:

  1. Find a piece of music that calms you
  2. Sit in a comfortable position
  3. Play the music in headphones
  4. Pay attention as your body relaxes
  5. As you relax pay attention to your breath.
  6. Every time you inhale, think “I love myself”
  7. Every time you exhale, relax more
  8. Do this for the duration of the song


Imagine yourself standing in front of the building you’ll be interviewed at. Walk up the steps, open the door, ride the elevator (if there is one), greet the receptionist, make your way to the waiting room.

As you walk through the building smile at every wall and door. Walk as if you are preparing the space for your arrival the next day. Think calming thoughts you know will need the next day. Imagine speaking them to the walls.

When you arrive for the interview, you can trust you have already been there. The space is ready for you.


Upon waking say to yourself, “I am enough.”

Every time you walk through a doorway say to yourself, “I am enough”

When you arrive know you are enough. You are. You have prepped your answers, you have done your research. Trust your body and yourself. You are enough.


Find a quiet space to journal and reflect on the interview.

  • Write out any judgments you had.
  • Write about what answers you are proud of.
  • Write about what answers you could improve.
  • Process it on the paper.
  • Be kind to yourself. It is normal to have an emotional response to the interview and question everything. Sit with it.

Write a thank you note (or email) to your interviewer(s). And send it with kind intentions.

Be kind to yourself as you wait.