I write cruddly resumes. They are purposely cruddly.

A few times a week, I review potential client’s resumes and say; “it could be from a resume sample book. That’s not a good thing – it’s too slick, add something to latch onto – it has no soul.”

If you want a resume that looks like a resume from a book, I am not for you.  

If you want a resume that sounds impressive but uses safe and boring words,  I am not for you.

If you want something that sounds like you, catches hiring people’s eyes and hearts, and gets you interviews, let’s work together. 


Why cruddly works:

  • it sounds human (you show your value through stories and numbers, but the stories have something to them)
  • It is sticky. People don’t trust anything that sounds too slick.
  • It stands out from everyone else using buzzwords and overused phrases (Confident team player with experience leading efficient teams….ugh) 

I am not talking about adding in swears, or jokes, or awkward sentences, but add personality based on your skills, value, and fit.

It’s like anything you write. Essays can be dull and full of jargon. Essays can have stories and connect you with the writer.

If you’re working in an ultra-conservative space, and you are a calm and steady person who just does their job, you may not want cruddly. But, if you break systems, invent new ways to do things, improve businesses and challenge the status quo, you have personality. That should be on your resume.

Would someone read your resume for the joy of it?

When your cruddly resume comes across the desk of a decision maker who wants to hire an innovator, they will get so excited by the cruddly. The last resume I sent was passed around the recruitment office. The recruiter said, “this is a good read, check this out.”

Would someone read your resume for the pleasure of it? If no, up the crud.


Do I have a sample of a cruddly resume?

I have lots of samples in the resume classes I teach.

If you know you need to improve your resume & want a proven process for doing it yourself (under the guidance of a certified resume strategist, join me to write your resume from your heart, with a dash of crud.

The first workshop is on Writing Accomplishment Statements


Kerri Twigg

Career Coach | Mindfulness and Stories Training for Career Contentment

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