Job seekers love to ask, “does HR even read cover letters anymore?” 

It doesn’t matter. You don’t write the cover letter for the hiring person. You write it for you. Well….to begin. You write to get clear on:

  • why you want the job
  • what qualifies you for the job
  • what you’ll do for the company if you get the job

Once you get clear on this, then you can start making it about them.



Written strategically, you’re prepped for the job interview too


If you write your cover letter this way, you’ll also have the answers when you get called for that first screening interview.  They usually ask:

  • why do you want this job?
  • what qualifies you for this role?
  • what will you do for us if you were hired?

Writing a cover letter shouldn’t feel like torture. It should feel easy and take you less than 30 minutes.

The 8-step method of writing cover letters

When my clients write cover letters using my 8-step checklist, they come to me and say “that was easy, it just flowed”.

I once wrote a cover letter that was photocopied by a VP (with 35 years of HR experience). She circulated around the entire office as “the best cover letter she ever saw”. If you want to stop questioning what to say and have a cover letter that you are proud of, I created a course to make it simple for you. I also share that famous cover letter.

Get in the Writing Authentic Cover Letters course:



Instead of where I say “tell a story” or “boom” in this video, I show you samples and a process of what to do. Cover Letters are one of the most helpful documents for a job seeker, whether they get read or not. They’re a gift for you and your search. They can be a delight to write & read. 

Kerri Twigg

Career Coach | Job Search Strategist

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