When people who are brand new to resumes hear about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) after not getting any interviews with their existing resume — their mind is blown.

And some people can handle it.

But there is no better way to taint a resume writing class than to drop ATS within the first day.


If you mention ATS to someone who:

  • likes to be perfect
  • is desperate
  • is super logical

then you just ruined their chance of writing something with heart.

They’ll be buying a Jobscan subscription & mistrusting their own words. (I love jobscan, but I think it’s most useful once you have your stories, not before).

And it’s going to take a lot of effort to convince your students that their words are more important than a scan.

If you’re teaching a one-day workshop, bring up ATS halfway through. Give the participants time to write and create first.

If the class is over multiple days, I wait until day two to talk about formats or ATS. My students write beautiful resumes full of personality that still pass the ATS test.
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