In order to have an awesome career, I must:

  1. Remember to take time to build mindfulness in a way that works best for me.
  2. Share stories. Big ones, small ones, smart ones, and silly ones.
  3. Determine if I’m the type that lives to work or works to live and go for roles that are appropriate for my disposition.
  4. Be alert, pay attention to shifts in the company and world culture. Be aware of potential skills gaps and address them before they address me.
  5. Remember that work is bigger than just what I need, that as much as possible my work contributes to making the world a better place.
  6. That it is far harder and more painful to do work alone, I will collaborate with others to everyone’s benefit.
  7.  Take jobs that do not cause purposeful harm to people, animals, culture or the environment.
  8. Befriend and network with people outside of my sector.
  9. Understand that there are multiple jobs or sectors I could thrive in, I don’t need to be scared of making the wrong job choice if I base my choice on my values, skills and ideal work culture. They can all be an adventure.
  10. Remember that similar to bodies, careers come in all shapes and sizes. I am the one who gets to determine what size and shape best suits me