Episode Three of Career Stories Live focused on answering job search questions for students and recent grads.

I was joined by Jessica Adkin, from the University of Winnipeg, and we answered over a dozen questions just for the students. We answered all these questions:

05:06 – 07:58: How to be yourself on LinkedIn

09:02 – 12:19: How do you job search when everything is shut down by COVID-19?

12:21 – 18:08: What to do if your internship was canceled by COVID-19

18:20 – 22:00 How do you get people to endorse you on LinkedIn?

23:28 – 30:50 LinkedIn profile review for a student

31:13 – 35:07 If you’re a new grad, how do you job search effectively?

35:25 – 39:20 What if you were not a good student? How do you help yourself now?

44:48 – 51:00 Are there new ways to look for a job during COVID-19?

51:44 -55:50 What’s the difference between working with a recruiter vs. hiring manager

56:00 – 58:12 Is it better to use quick apply on #linkedin or directly to the company on their website?

58:29 – 1:00:57 – What’s the best conversation starter for a recent grad?

1:00:58-1:06:00 – What’s the perfect balance between formal and informal personal branding strategy

Watch our answers and advice here: