Resume writing advice can be so conflicting, so I invited Kamara Toffolo, a Resume Writer and Job Search Strategist to talk and answer the most popular resume questions of 2020 – especially related to COVID-19.

Watch our conversation here, as we cover everything from how to address a job gap due to COVID-19 to who you should follow up after submitting the resume.

In this episode we talked about:

00:02:52- 00.06:31 How to address an employment gap related to COVID 19

00:06:49 – 00:08:25 Should you update your LinkedIn status when you’ve lost a job?


should i update linkedin after lost my job?

00:09:16 – 00:11:46 Should you spend more time writing a resume or networking?

00:11:50 – 00:14:00 At which point should you move from one page to a two-page resume 00:15:24 – 00:17:24 Using other stories on your resume

00:17:25 – 00:18:27 Should you submit your resume as a doc or ATS-compatible PDF?

00:18:31 – 00:24:00 Is it essential to keep skills on the resume?

00:24:21 – 00:27:20 How do you show accomplishments you made during COVID-19 on a resume?


resume accomplishment covid 19 resume 2020


00:27:52 – 00:31:29 How to you track accomplishments related to work done during COVID-19?

00:32:07 – 00:44:31 Resume Review

00:45:55 – 00:48:38 How do you cut a three-page resume to two-page?

bets resume length


00:49:00 – 00:50:53 Is it okay to have 10 bullets under one job and two under another?

00:50:57 – 00:52:37 Should you use a resume template? 00:52:40 – 00:55:40 Creative graphic resumes

00:56:12 – 00:57:37 Do you need a relevant coursework section?

00:57:45 – 00:59:44 How to show qualitative achievements

01:00:22 – 01:01:49 Using sentences vs. bullets on a resume?

01:01:52 – 01:04:40 How to follow up after sending a resume

01:04:06 – 01:05:30 Do you need a cover letter

01:05:32 – 01:08:00 Should you follow-up with a recruiter or the hiring manager?

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