A top concern for newcomers to Canada is their resume. The feeling is that a resume will make or break their career. All resumes are not created equal, I was joined by Matthew Purdey to talk about job seeking as a newcomer.

Matthew Purdey

Matthew Purdey had a surprising experience when he returned to Canada after living abroad in Asia for 10 years. He couldn’t land a job.  He had to rebuild his network and reputation from nothing.

And while Matthew was originally from Canada, he experienced what it was like to rebuild his life in a new way, with new rules, in a new country. From that experience, Matthew moved into making his life’s work about helping people take control of their careers. He does this as a career coach, facilitator, and speaker.

He joined me for a conversation on navigating your career and job search as a newcomer to Canada. he shares great tips about when to hire a resume writer, how to gain Canadian work experience, and why having a “good enough” resume won’t cut it. Watch it here.

There is job seeking and then there is job seeking as a newcomer to Canada. While some of the rules are the same, there are plenty of unspoken rules that new Canadians need to know about to navigate.

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What we cover:

0:02:40 – 0:04:30 – Matthew’s story

0:07:52 – 0:08:58 Free programs vs. paying a resume writer

0:09:52 – 0:11:57 What if they can’t afford a resume writer?

0:12:05 – 0:13:00 How to know if a resume is holding you back

is my resume good enugh?


0:13:14 – 0:14:27 How to build work experience in your field

0:14:30 – 0:16:10 Should you do school and work at the same time?

0:17:29 – 0:18:20 How to reframe Canadian work experience

0:18:33 – 0:19:44 How to show the what and why on a resume

0:21:05 – 00:24:10 Should you volunteer for experience?

0:26:26 – 00:32:16 How to use a rare Canadian name as a branding tool

00:36:33 – 00:37:38 How to show soft skills if the current job doesn’t highlight them

00:38:01 – 00:38:46 2 or 3-page resume?

resume good enough


00:38:50 – 00:39:57 How do you know if your resume is good enough?

00:40:00 – 00:41:43 How to help someone to trust their skills?

00:42:05 – 00:46:01 How important is a resume as part of an overall plan?

00:46:09 – 00:46:43 Is a cover letter as important as a resume?

00:47:53 – 00:50:00 Networking as a newcomer