My book, The Career Stories Method, has arrived.

As I finished meditating with my daughter this morning, I saw a UPS truck across the street. The back of the truck opened and I watched the guy stack boxes and boxes towards the rear end of the truck and thought, “someone ordered a lot of the same thing.”

And then it clicked…my book!

I said, “I think those are my books” and had to stop watching. My daughter said, “he’s walking up to the sidewalk, he’s coming our way.”

It has arrived. I was about to open the books without filming it, and thought, “no, this is a moment.” So, here is my first unboxing video.

Buy the book:


To write a book is a wild feeling. I think we all can relate to the feeling of taking on a new project, following through, adapting, and editing. We all know that feeling. If you’re not a designer or someone who makes things you can hold, it’s a new experience to hold something you made in your hands. I love the feeling.