Embodying your career brand is a delightful feeling.  You know exactly what your super skills are. You don’t feel like an imposter because the skills came from your actual work experience stories. If you followed the first step of The Career Stories Method, you can back up your skills with at least seven stories.

At the same time, when you aren’t used to knowing yourself, it can feel awkward to embrace the career brand. It can feel fake — like it’s too fancy for you, or you can feel shy about how great it sounds. It’s hard to move forward in your career if you don’t embrace the awesome that you are.

I made a meditation to help you embody your career brand. You can use this meditation to embrace a skill you didn’t know you had. Or you can do this meditation for each skill named in your career brand.

Listen here:



Your Career Stories are your Career Brand

A career brand in the Career Stories Method is the one cohesive story you get from all your career stories cards. It’s a combination of three skills.

Here is the formula:

I am happiest and of most use when I am (skill 1), (skill 2), and (skill 3).

You are no longer a job title, an industry, or whatever you used to say about yourself. Now you know what your favorite skills are–the ones you use regardless of what industry, title, or role you are working within.

How do you find your skills?

You find your skills by doing a seven-day process of collecting your favorite career stories and finding the common themes. I describe the whole process and give prompts in my book, The Career Stories Method. The book shows you how to find your career brand, and then what to do with it to land ideal work.

I also share the method in my TEDx talk.