Writing Authentic Cover Letters

Does this happen to you:

  • You apply for jobs but aren’t sure if you really want them.
  • You know you should send a cover letter, but you aren’t sure what to say in it.
  • Every cover letter you write follows a boring template and you find yourself hoping they don’t read it.
  • You get calls for jobs, but you don’t remember why you applied for the role and blow the screening call.
  • You want to write a letter that is impactful, and enjoyable to read. You find yourself wishing you had sent something better out.
  • You waste valuable time avoiding the cover letter and struggle to get started.

Writing Authentic Cover Letters is a self-led program that makes cover letter writing a joy, and based on your work style and values. It provides a foundation for writing a better cover letter every time.

This course was designed to share everything that I know about cover letters, and then some. 

I created this course to help people who struggle to write cover letters when applying for jobs. I’m not sure where we got steered wrong, but it feels like most of us were taught how to write cover letters based on poor or uninteresting templates.

The problem with these templates, is they are:
– boring to use
– boring to read
– don’t communicate anything past what your resume says
– don’t help you to understand if the job is for you

I created this course to show you how to write a cover letter that lets the company know why you want to work there, highlights your favorite professional achievement, and helps them to imagine you doing the work.


Experience the confidence in knowing how to share your value and story in a cover letter.

Only $97 USD


  • Feeling unsure about how to write a cover letter
  • Questioning what story is the most value for each specific company
  • Losing out on opportunities because you don’t know what to say.
  • Hoping your cover letter is written in a way that your target will connect with you.
  • Using templates that sound like everyone else


  • Writing letters that feel great to write and read
  • Feeling grounded in your work, values and connected with your audience
  • Effectively connecting with your target audience and knowing exactly what to say and when
  • Moving past templates and into original work
  • Overcoming common mistakes that make your cover letter miss the mark
  • Seeing higher interview request rates following applications


This course has four modules with worksheets and audio recordings for every step you’ll take.

1. Welcome – which orientates you to the course and why you want to target your cover letter every time
2. The 8 step process – this module walks you through the 8 steps to creating an authentic cover letter
3. Samples – this has a few sample cover letters to get you started
4. Bonus materials – finding your values, guided meditation and writing prompts

Step-by-step audio training on:

  • What a company wants to see in your cover letter
  • When and why to use stories in your cover letter (plus I share the persuasive power of building recognition with keywords and how to use them.
  • 8-Page Action Guide & Checklist to Help You Write More Authentic Cover Letters
  • A step-by-step process for writing authentic cover letters … no matter what sector.


  • Writing Prompts for when you get stuck
  • Cover letter samples
  • Career Values worksheet
  • Meditation recording
  • Resources to use beyond the letter to support your career story development

Writing Authentic Cover Letters Course is just $79

Praise for Writing Authentic Cover Letters


The cover letter course was exactly what I needed! It was helpful to have a step by step approach and nice to have both audio and script. I didn’t listen to all the audio because I was short on time but the ones I listened to were good. Overall an impressive product and one that I’ll recommend to others!

Dawn P


I was really struggling with writing cover letters. I found I was trying to second guess what the HR would want to hear, or it was a lame re-cap of my experience. I decided to take your cover letter writing course.Well worth the time and cost!I now have a cover letter that sounds like me, is logical, and explains why I am a good fit without the standard  ‘my years of experience blah blah blah.

Thank you for putting such a great resource together.


It’s time to start writing better cover letters.