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I help people use stories to discover and land ideal work. Stories + Career Strategy.


Career Intensive

My signature program for people wanting to make an intentional career transition in the next 3-12 months.

This 3-month long program gives you career clarity and develops your story skills -- so that when you're ready to make a career move, you show up as awesome as you can.

This program is offered three times a year.

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One To One Coaching


The ideal program is if you know what work you want (or already have it) but want to elevate your story.

- Feel so incredible after your private career analysis session with me (recently called, "the best ego boost I've ever had")
- Have your resume or LinkedIn profile revamped to match your clear career brand
- Co-create a launch strategy based on your personality and strengths that wows people in your industry, elevates your presence at work, rocks an interview, or confirms your spot as the unforgettable one at the next networking event

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One To One Coaching

Story Coaching

It's time to wow people with your stories, whether they're stories you tell casually at a networking events, to potential investors, to your staff as the new CEO, during a job interview, on stage, or through a LinkedIn video series -- you'll shine and melt hearts.

This coaching package helps you identify your existing storytelling style -- what works and what needs development -- and we work together to help you develop a more memorable and impactful way of sharing stories. Over a series of four meetings, with practice and feedback in-between, you'll leave this program knowing the most memorable way to share stories anywhere.

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Consulting and Mentoring

You might not be looking for a full coaching program right now -- but something is keeping you from achieving what you want in your career or job search.

Come talk it out with me, I can help you see what you can't, get share ideas on what to do next.

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