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I help people use stories to discover and land ideal work. Stories + Career Strategy.

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Consulting and Mentoring

You might not be looking for a full coaching program right now -- but something is keeping you from achieving what you want in your career or job search. By talking it out with me, I can help you see what you can't, and help you solve the problem. You get unstuck. And, know exactly what to do next.

This service does not include resume writing, see the One-Act or Immersive Progam if you want something written for you.

I offer one-to-one consults for people who need direction, advice, feedback on a career concern.

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Get individualized attention and my story brain on your career.


Get led through the Career Stories Method to find your ideal career and discover your awesome self in the process.

Most clients earn $10k-$45k more a year from our work. That’s the difference between a clear story and strategy.

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One To One Coaching


Fringe is ideal for you if you are looking to figure out your career story, have your resume or LinkedIn reviewed, and then we do two coaching sessions on whatever you like -- maybe career exploration, how to improve your presence at work, interview prep, LinkedIn content strategy, how to network...things like that. You'll leave with a solid career brand story + know what to do next.

$1,150 USD

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One To One Coaching

The One Act

Want to level up the way you show up in your career?

Find your career story, have your resume or a LinkedIn profile written for you, and then strategize launching your new career brand.

$1,500 USD

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