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I help people use their stories to find their awesome, and then use those stories to land ideal work.  I have helped people find and hone their stories for over 20 years, working with mid-level to senior professionals all over the world.

Whether you are thinking about a career change, or in active job search, I can help.

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The Revue

Get your resume, LinkedIn profile or other marketing material reviewed. I'll review your work in comparison to your target role (or client) and let you know specifically what impression it is giving off, what to change, and the resources to change it.

$285.00 USD

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Career Stories Club

Because some people just need a method, not a coach. The membership gives you access to the Career Stories Method. Use the classes and monthly challenges to find your career brand and land ideal work using stories.

Membership includes access to the popular classes: The 7-day Career Stories Challenge, resuMAY and Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence

Plus...membership includes resuMAY which comes with live resume reviews the 30th of every month


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Get individualized attention and my story brain on your career.


Get led through the Career Stories Method to find your ideal career and discover your awesome self in the process.

Most clients earn $10k-$45k more a year from our work. That’s the difference between a clear story and strategy.

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One To One Coaching

The Career Intensive

Our signature 3-month program to find and hone your career stories, plan your next move and land ideal work (for either a job-job or your own work). Get access to the full Career Stories Method, with monthly private calls, and weekly feedback. The perfect combo of DIY + guided feedback from me.

Starts February 2021 -- message to get on the waiting list

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One To One Coaching

The One Act

Want to level up the way you show up in your career?

Find your career story, have your resume or a LinkedIn profile written for you, and then strategize launching your new career brand.

$1,500 USD

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One To One Coaching

The Immersive Coaching Package

My most popular one-to-one program to find and define your career stories and job search strategy. Includes career stories analysis, resume & LinkedIn profile creation, interview prep and job search strategy.

$3,000 USD

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