Job search has a built-in feedback loop. It is easy to know where you are going wrong, and what you need to work on. The difficult part is figuring out how to fix it.

If you are sending out resumes, getting job offers and have a calendar full of prospects, you probably don’t need a coach to help with your resume.

If you are sending out resumes and not getting calls, there is probably something off about your resume. That’s easy to figure out. Pinpointing EXACTLY what is wrong with the resume takes a resume coach. You might be making the mistake of applying for jobs through an ATS system using your own words instead of keywords or being too job descriptive.

Common errors

  • Resumes that are too job descriptive, they read like they are copied and pasted from your job description. It makes you look boring and lazy
  • Resumes that are are not targeted, they read like they could be sent to anyone and don’t have impact
  • Resumes that tell your entire career history. The resume is a door-opener, not a complete job biography
  • Resumes that well-written but are sent to the wrong places with the wrong message.

I’m a little romantic about resumes. I believe they can be enjoyable to create and they should be sent out with pride. If you have any shame about your resume do yourself a favor and get a coach to look it over. Not your neighbour, not your previous boss, not unless they are trained in Resume Writing.

If you are getting interviews from your resume, but you aren’t getting offers, the most common reasons are that your resume does not correctly represent you, or you need to work on your interview skills. Or maybe a bit of both.

If you have been sending out resumes and not getting calls, hire a coach. Even one session with a coach can give you insights about the impression you give off now and some strategies for your particular search. All of the clients I have worked with leave feeling confident and excited about their next move.

Do you need to work with a coach to land in this market? No. But, the journey is less lonely, confusing and often shorter with one.

Biggest danger – making a bad impression with a key contact

The biggest danger about searching for a job without some assistance is making the wrong impression to the wrong person. If you are using a resume that doesn’t represent you well you could be leaving a negative impression that is hard to undo. I don’t like to see awesome, qualified people struggle through the job search game.

Hire a coach who is specifically trained in Resume Writing or Career Strategy and whom you think you can be yourself with. Make sure that they listen to your stories and words, and are committed to making you look great, not making you look like someone else. Authenticness counts for a lot in this work.

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