The first question commonly asked at a job interview is, “Tell me about yourself.”

They may ask it like, “tell us about your past work experience and how it prepares you for this job.” It is the same question.

The secret to making a positive impact with this answer is to be prepared. Most people feel nervous at the beginning of the interview and knowing how to answer this question can help set the tone for the rest. It should be conversational, enjoyable to listen to and full of information that helps the interviewer(s) understand where you come from.

There are five parts to the answer. Today we’ll look at Part 1: The Introduction.

The Introduction

The introduction is where you provide a short overview of what you’ve been up to professionally and maybe touch on your education if it is relevant. You’ll want to let them know what area you have been working in and for how long.

I use a simple script outline that I share in my Nail The Interview –  Prep Pack course to prep for this answer.  This is the part I rehearse the most. I like to be clear here about what I’m labeling myself because I know the first few words are what the interviewers write down. It’s how I will be remembered.  I will change my first line depending on the role I am applying for.

Once, I have done this short introduction, I share my Super Skills.




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