After you provide context for your career in The Introduction, move onto mentioning your super skills. Try to keep the description short (about 30 seconds a skill).

Describe two or three of your super strengths, and elaborate on what you mean by each strength. It could sound like this:

In all of the roles I have held, there are three consistent skills I use. I love to solve problems. I love to help people. And I have over 10 years of success developing programs that meet a need and bring in new revenue.

An example of a problem I solved was when I had the opportunity to provide career transition services in a small community. I flew to the community on the smallest plane–a six-seater– and found my way to the workshop centre upon arrival to deliver a workshop. No one was there. I asked where all the people were and I was told they had an afternoon feast and it was rest time. A lot of money was paid for the workshop, so instead of going back to the room and reporting that nobody showed, I called the people on the list. I arranged for a workshop that evening at 8 pm. A smaller group attended but I was able to build relationships and more people came the following week. I also adapted the presentation to make it more casual, I didn’t use my prepared power point presentation, I used my head and heart. Many of the people landed positions shortly after and expressed their gratitude in learning new skills.

I am really great at developing programs for the public that meet their needs while providing additional revenue streams for the organization. When I was at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, I developed new programs that doubled our revenue in the first year and continue to run five years later. At Art City, I met the annual revenue targets for Community Programs within four months. In my own private practice, I have developed career programs and services where people were not served in the way they wanted. I love to create and improve programs.

If you are not sure what your super strengths are, review the job ad. Look at all the actions the role requires and pick three skills that are relevant to do that work. Use the guide below to select the skills and then select a story from your career history that best demonstrates how you used that skill. The story will change depending on the position you apply for.


Strength 1: _____________________________________________

Best story that proves this: _________________________________________________________

Strength 2: _____________________________________________

Best story that proves this: _________________________________________________________

Strength 3: _____________________________________________

Best story that proves this: _________________________________________________________

Prepping for this answer is about making sure you make a great impression, especially when you are the most nervous–the top of the interview. I don’t think anyone needs to memorize their answer, but they should know what they want to say and what skills they want to be remembered for.

The next step part of this answer is Part III: Sharing your stories.