Here is a sample of a poor LinkedIn job search plan:

  1. Connect with a bunch of career coaches.
  2. Use their free advice to look awesome.
  3. Look awesome and then reach out to target companies.
  4. Target companies look at your connections and activity. OOPS! You are branded as a professional job seeker. Nothing happens. You don’t look like a top person to hire.

Instead, do this:

  1. Follow career coaches and people in your industry.
  2.  Use their advice to look awesome on LinkedIn.
  3. Interact intentionally with people in your target sector. (Learn how in the “Your Intentional LinkedIn Presence Master Class)
  4. Target companies are impressed with how well connected you are within the industry. Plus they love how you add value through your comments and minimal content. (HINT: too much content makes you look weaker not stronger). Your activity highlights your best skills and work style.
  5. You land the job.