I read one of those “things you should focus on in your 20s” and it was about how you needed to build wealth, find healthy partners and land a good job.

I say, “hmmm not for everyone”.

For those who do, great. For those who don’t, also great.

In my twenties, I had a married man’s child, I lived below the poverty line, I juggled a bunch of teaching & art jobs. I wrote poems and smoked cigarettes. I went to school & juggled more jobs. It was a mess.

Now, I spend a lot of time hearing from people who never did that. They got the job, the partner, the house. And now they are in their 40s & 50s and ready to lose it all for a bit of adventure. For a taste of meaning and change. And we all do it our own way. The traditional advice didn’t work for me. It made me feel like I had wasted my life and should be way more ahead.

We don’t need more things to feel bad about. We do it at our own perfect pace. You’ve done what you’ve done. You’ll be fine, great even.