I know that pretty resumes look nice, but those only work when you email or physically hand them to someone.




If you’re applying for a job where you need to upload your resume, it gets scanned by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ⠀

If you don’t have the right words, or if the right words are in a unique font, text box or column, the ATS can’t read it. ⠀ ⠀

The scanning report that gets shows to the hiring person makes you look like a blank. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

There are lots of different ATS programs, some are smarter than others. But if you don’t know which scan they use, it’s best to send in a plain format.

Create two resumes.

  • A pretty one
  • An ATS friendly one. ⠀ ⠀

If you want to learn how to write an ATS-friendly resume, I show you how in the resuMAY workshops. The next round starts on June 1st.

Kerri Twigg

Career Coach | Job Search Strategist

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