The first thought for many people when they are looking for a new job is they need a new resume. Every week (sometimes daily) I get messages like, “I lost my job I need a resume ASAP.”

To which I say, “no, you don’t.”

Even if you reach out to someone and they say we need a resume, I’d advise waiting on it and do these five things first.

1. Figure out what you want in your career and what you’re good at.

It is impossible to write a resume without knowing what you are good at and what points you are leading with. If you write a resume based on your previous job description, you are underselling yourself. You are more than a job description.

To learn how to figure out what you want and what you’re good at, buy these classes:

The Career Mapping MasterClass

Using Story to Find Your Strengths

2. Ask questions and talk with people.

There is a way to do this without sounding like a schlub. From experience, there are ways that people approach me which is a big turn-off. It feels like they learned their method by reading some book, but it smells. Even when the words they use “I love you work, I did your class and it changed things for me” I can smell an energy-sucker from quite a distance.

On the other hand, I have helped strangers just by how they approach me.

I think some of it comes from people assuming that I’m extrovert and outgoing. I’m not. I’m an energetic introvert.

Get Making a Great First Impression

3. Test and experiment.

Career decisions cannot be made with just your mind. They are made with your body too. When people hate their jobs they talk about physically. They say things, “it feels like it’s sucking my soul”, “my stomach is in knots all the time”, “I feel sick just thinking about seeing my boss.” So, you need to test things with your body, go beyond the assessments and become aware of how things feel.

Crafting Career Experiments

4. Exercise.

The biggest game-changer in your career is exercising. Seriously. Make sure that you take body-breaks every day. It could be walking, yoga, boxing, tree-hanging, whatever. It builds in a break every day and helps relieve tension and stress. Also, when you show up for your interview you’re not an unhealthy being, you’re vibrant.

I don’t sell a course on this because I’m a career and job search expert, not exercise master.

5. Think of your 10 possible selves

This is one of my favorite coaching exercises to lead. I recently taught it to other career coaches here and they saw some great break-throughs for their clients.

This exercise is part of the Searching from Your Roots

Want a new job in 2020?

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Sweet career vibes to you,