The idea that you were meant to do one perfect dream job is ridiculous. You can be more than one thing. It makes people who haven’t found it/don’t know how to find it/can’t find it feel like they are missing out.

It can terrify people into being scared they will make the wrong choice. We are too diverse to just be one thing, and one thing only.

We can all do and enjoy several different roles. We can test and experiment with possible selves. We can choose the one or some that work for our life.

Here’s something to try today.

Write a list of 5 (or more) possible selves you could be.

They can include your current role and roles that might feel impossible. Share your list in the comments, if that feels fun and safe for you.

Then choose one of the things on the list to research or try. You could try the one that scares you the most. Or try the one that feels like the easiest to you. It might be as simple as taking a book out of the library, taking a MOOC or calling someone for an informational interview.

Test one out today and then reflect on what you learned and if it’s for you. If it’s not, test another and see.