Job search templates are aplenty. With coaches promising “I’ll teach you the exact script to use to land your dream job”, I can see how that sounds intriguing.

But what happens when everyone uses the same script?

How innovative do you look when you’re presenting the same way as everyone else?

If you’re a manager wanting to be an executive and you use the same scripts as a new student, how is that showing your expertise? There are times where looking like everyone else will work. But there are times when it hurts you more than helps. In this short three-part video series on job search templates, I’ll talk about who should & shouldn’t use templates in their job search.

Video 1: Today I talk about who I think benefits from looking at a resume, job search & email templates.


There are types of professionals that I think should use the templates:

  • students
  • people going for entry-level work
  • people returning to work after retirement, but usually at a lower of responsibility than they had before
  • people going for work where you mostly have to follow the rules

In my next post, I’ll share who I think gets harmed by using job search templates & why.

Did you follow a template to land a job? How did it work for you?