The third most desired soft skill for a job is teamwork. It is not enough to say, write teamwork on your resume. Or say, “I’m a team player,” at the job interview. You’ll want to demonstrate that you have experience with teamwork. 

You can demonstrate that you are a team player by highlighting a specific teamwork story in your resume or cover letter. They also come in handy at a job interview. 

Listen to these audio prompts or choose a prompt below that inspires you to remember a story. 


Tell me about a time you worked with a co-worker to complete a project.

Tell me about a time you adjusted your schedule to help someone with a project.

Tell me about a time you asked for help on a project and clearly delegated tasks to ensure the project was completed.

Tell me about a time you worked with other people on a project. How did you ensure a fair distribution of work?


You’ll likely come up with 4-10 stories using these prompts. You don’t need to use all of them. Select the teamwork stories that you enjoy sharing the most, and you think the company you want to work for would care about. 

More prompts, more fun!

I created other resume prompt posts to gather more stories to highlight other skills like organization and communication. Once you have a bunch, turn them into accomplishment statements — if you need help doing this, my resuMAY program shows you exactly how to do that. (It has a five-page guide + resume samples).

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