Have you ever met been super into something, that you can immediately tell when someone doesn’t know as much as you do about the subject?

It happens to me when I meet people and we talk about resumes. If they are talking about page numbers and how everyone needs to have one, I assume they have read an article or two about resumes. If they mention ATS, keywords, and fonts, I know they have done a bit of research. And if they talk with me about resume tone, networking resumes, and how the new sincerity movement affects resume writing, I know I’m sitting with a pro.

The words you use and how you talk about a sector show your expertise level.

The good news is that you can track industry words and phrases to weave into your general language. If a job seeker only uses keywords when writing a resume they miss out on the opportunity to look the part in other areas of their search.

How to use an index card to track industry words and phrases

As you read books, articles, posts, and research about your desired sector keep track of their words everyone seems to be using. Write those on an index card and place the card somewhere where you can see it, especially if you are sitting down to write. Try incorporating the words into your marketing material and online interactions. Once you use the words without noticing, you’ll be talking the right talk and can get rid of the card.



66careercards is a series where I share 66 ways you can use the common index card to grow and develop your career. If you have a job search or career growth struggle, share it with me (either through comments or private message) and I’ll come up with an index card activity to help you. It’s like a party trick!

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